Blepharoplasty is surgery for treating excess skin or fat pads that form around the eyes.

The amount of skin or fat to be removed depends on the individual patient.

The scars are generally not visible as they are hidden in the natural folds of the eyelid structure. This procedure is generally performed in patients over the age of 30.

After the blepharoplasty there may be mild discomfort.

Cold gauze is recommended during the first week to decrease swelling. Eye drops are also indicated. Sunglasses are additionally recommended to protect the eyes against bright light.

Stitches will be removed after about a week. After ten days or so, the patient can return to their normal daily activities and in 20 days to physical activities.

Sun exposure is recommended only after the third month. After two months the final results can be seen. Make-up can be used after 7 days.