What is self-blood transfusion and the importance of its use in liposuction surgery?

This is a procedure in which blood is used to (a) itself (to) patient for reinfusion at the end of surgery, for the purpose of greater safety and better recovery. It is used in major cases, with the prior knowledge and consent of (a) patient and evaluation of a hematologist.

What is lipominiabdome surgery?

The lipominiabdome surgery is a procedure in which is associated with liposuction, abdominoplasty with reduced incision. This procedure is indicated for patients presenting with abdominal distension moderate sagging and located only in the lower portion of the abdomen below the navel.

Carried out resection of a skin zone in the lower abdomen, in line with the pubis and through it makes the closing of diastasis (separation of the rectus abdominis muscles, "thereby reducing the abdominal bulging. Liposuction will complement the modeling abdominal and waist area.

What is lipoabdominoplasty?

It is the association of abdominoplasty with liposuction of the entire region. We BG, are more conservative in this case, limiting liposuctions this association only for regions not taken off by surgery conventional abdomen.

The reason for this is anatomically and security in maintaining good vascularization of the flaps and reduce the complication rates.

You can associate liposuction with other plastic surgery?

Yes, provided that surgical volume compatibility calculated and controlled surgical risk. One has to consider the probable blood loss within the desired clinical control, time of anesthesia, the patient healthiness, the preoperative examinations, etc.

You can associate liposuction surgeries with other specialties such as hysterectomy (removal of the uterus)?

We at ES do not, because the risk of embolism and thrombosis increase considerably. This has been proven by clinical studies and recently discussed in Congress vascular surgery and plastic surgery. The risk of contamination and infection is also increased for this combination. Common sense should be considered.

What post-operative guidelines with respect to rest after performing liposuction?

The immediate post-operative rest is relative, one should avoid household chores, exercise, drive a car and carry weight in the first week. Then begins to gradually release for walking, water aerobics, stretching exercises, returning to normal after one month exercise. At the beginning there may be some discomfort, but nothing unbearable. The sensitivity of the area that was initially changed back to normal.

Why should use the modeling girdle?

The shaper belt contains and restricts best edema, offers greater safety and comfort. The strap should be used continuously for (a) patient, even to sleep. We recommend getting two units to be able to change them during the bath and thus to wash them. The recommended period for use is approximately one month.

Postoperative liposuction painful?

Will not be provided that the medical guidance received during discharge are followed and that the (a) fine patient is being monitored (a) by the attending physician through appropriate medication as analgesic and anti-inflammatory.

When can be performed liposuction in cases of patients who just won a baby?

It is advised that the ideal time to perform liposuction or plastic surgery of the abdomen or breast after having a baby is one year. If operate before that period, it can be for the patient at risk and compromise the outcome and the natural recovery that is underway. The parturient woman body so get a baby, it works for the purpose of breastfeeding and recovery. Motherhood is a natural act of love and affection, a natural gift and divine restricted to women. Psychologically for some ready-restoration of her body and her sexuality it is not so important, even though the weight gain happened as expected and sometimes overstepped too. However, for most this is a concern. Naturally occur changes in the body, especially in women who breastfeed, causing them to return the next forms of before pregnancy. Many is due to hormonal changes at this stage should be waited natural regression of edema, uterine involution, shrinkage capacity of the skin, particularly the abdomen. The disease control developed during pregnancy, such as diabetes and hypertension should be considered. Only then can think to the aid of plastic surgery for the correction of skin excess or unwanted fat or breast.

Which diseases contraindicate performing liposuction?

Anemias in general, any chronic condition that is not under medical control as hypertension and diabetes, blood dyscrasias, autoimmune diseases, etc.

The liposuctioned fat can be used and placed in other regions of the body in order to improve the contour?

SiYes, fat grafting is a surgical procedure that can be used for the purpose of modeling certain body regions, with the fat removed from the organism itself during liposuction. counter-indicated fat graft in calves due to the high rate complications such as necrosis and embolism, and other scarring.

What are the qualifications that must be considered in relation to self-grafting fat?

The surgical technique of liposuction may be used in other procedures not only remove the fat as recommended? We use the mechanical act of suction through negative pressure cannula as it is done in liposuction to drain hematomas to aspirate certain lipomas (benign tumor of fat), to correct some cases gynecomastia (breast in men) and greater complexity, to aspirate liquid silicone injected into the body. In the latter case, there is a limiting factor of the result is that the silicone blend to deep tissue and muscle and create large amount of fibrosis around.

What is liposculpture?

It is a concept used for plastic surgery in order to shape the body of a patient, removing fat in areas that are in excess and grafting in areas which are depressed. Considering the forms and feminine curves, delimiting the waist, eliminating the outer thighs and sometimes grafting fat liposuction shrinking area caused by injections given in the buttocks, cellulite depressions or just for the increase in the region.

Liposuction can be performed in the presence of diet for weight loss?

Since (a) patient-present higid (a) and test results compatible surgery can be performed; according to the criteria of evaluation and safety. The ideal is that (a) the patient is already with its controlled weight for the surgery limit to the end of its withdrawal of the localized excesses and modeling of specific regions.

There are other silicone implants in addition to the commonly spoken for the breasts?
It is known to all the great disclosure of silicone implants in the breasts currently, but there are other areas of the body where we can use this same feature, with both an aesthetic or reconstructive purposes. The example we have the prostheses for increased ment (chin), or of calves, etc. What other areas can be placed silicone implants? The prostheses or implants for the chin, calves and glutes are the most commonly used. There are also facial implants for malar (zygomatic) and nasal dorsum (do not use the latter due to common problems such as rejection and consequent extrusion). For these regions we use cartilage grafts or bone of the patient.

The silicone for these other regions is the same material as the breast prosthes

Yes. According to the manufacturers of these implants are made of medical grade silicone elastomer, have a number of different characteristics such as shape, hardness, color and surface which are the result of years of research by the medical profession in order to adequately meet clinical or aesthetical requirements of each case.

Regarding the gluteal prostheses, what limitations that make us indicate with reservations?

While we have the technical knowledge and already have performed in some patients the implantation of gluteal implants, do some caveats. Postoperative requires a home and care more lasting than any other cosmetic procedure, to prevenirmos immediate complications. The patient will also be limited to sit around a month, and could no longer take intramuscular injections in the gluteal region from the placement of the prosthesis. It is important to talk to patients that there may be the possibility of migration of the prosthesis, that is, it can change position, rising due to the movement of contraction of the gluteal muscles with the walk and the pressure to sit.

The calf implants eliminate the aesthetic problem of "thin shins?"

When well indicated yes. But the result can be compromised by false expectations, when there is asymmetry between the two calves and does not depend only deficiency of soft tissues, but also the existence of size asymmetry between the bones. In this case there will be improvement in volume and shape, but you can not expect perfection.

How is the postoperative ment implant placement surgery and calves?

In the case of the processing of prosthetic implant leaves a dressing in order to keep the prosthesis in place and placed reduce edema. The patient can speak or eat normally. Is removed from the bandage after about a week and can replace it with a smaller for a few days. For the patient whose prosthesis was placed in the mouth, in the gingival sulcus, the oral hygiene care are added to existing antiseptic solutions on the market. The patient who undergoes the placing of calves prostheses need to rest in bed on the first day after surgery and to limit the movements, particularly in regard to ambulation, for a week. During this period the patient may rent and use crutch to place the prosthesis occurred in only one leg or wheelchair when the implants were placed into the two legs. It is important to massage the calves and make passive and active exercises with the feet, extension and flexion of the legs that period. The act of walking early can be uncomfortable as a result of distension of the muscle fascia occurred with the insertion of the prosthesis, the edema, by gravity and by temporarily delayed venous return, caused by compression. Hence the need for rest so there is a good adaptation of the tissues. Skin has the ability to distend and in a few days this process is completed.

What other types of silicone prostheses are and what their applications in plastic surgery?

We market prostheses for male pectoral region, with aesthetic increase of purpose thereof or congenital deformity correction with the absence of the pectoralis muscle (Poland syndrome). There is also testicular silicon prosthesis to replace in case of loss accident or tumor. There is a wide range of skin expander prostheses for use in post-mastectomy reconstructive surgery, the after-effects of burns and unsightly scars. We also have silicone implants for eyelid suspension in cases of congenital ptosis, spacers tendon, etc ...

For the silicone in liquid form for injection is not used in Brazil in the medical?

Some "transvestites" the desire to "round up" their forms and make them the most feminine possible, just looking for this kind of illegal and prohibited procedure in our country, but made clandestinely by completely unqualified people and no hygiene care and Cheers. It is what we commonly see through certain television programs, especially during Carnival. The liquid form silicone moves the body region migrates from reaching and engaging applied important anatomic structures. It has been observed the presence of liquid silicone in the scrotum and in joints such as knees and ankles, causing inflammation and severe rheumatic problems. Women who have had the misfortune to inject this liquid silicone in the breasts acquire over time what we call siliconoma, which is nothing more than a tumor or cyst caused and consists of this form of silicone. Treatment requires resection of the affected tissue and sometimes mastectomy. currently has heard many patients report the desire to apply a so-called "French silicon" to fill regions of the face as the malar or nasogenian. As we have said the silicone in liquid form, whatever its origin, has its prohibited use in Brazil by the competent bodies due to the proven physical and emotional damage that can cause the patient. For filling these regions there are other products accepted by the Ministry of Health and global control organ. Once applied, they will be assimilated by the body and absorbed afterwards, after a residence time in the application site. This ensures the safety of its use, and does not condemn the patient to stay with him if you do not like the result. These products in most implant containing derivatives of hyaluronic acid; existing substance in our body to support cell, but artificially produced in the laboratory.

01. What is Anesthesiology?

Answer: Popularly called anesthesia, Anesthesiology is a medical activity that brings together science, art and knowledge and that is to avoid the pain of a patient who will undergo surgery It is based on specialized technical, manual dexterity. , professionalism and deep respect for the human being that exists in each patient. Only a specialized doctor in the area and can legitimately pursue anesthesiology. The administration of anesthesia is a medical procedure that can only be performed by a professional registered with the Regional Council of Medicine.

02. What is Anesthesiology?

Answer: The anesthesiologist is a doctor, made up of the Faculties of Medicine, recognized and accredited by the Ministry of Education. He is trained, through specific courses, with many hours of theoretical and practical lessons. The Brazilian Society of Anesthesiology - post-graduate programs and postgraduate 2-year intensive - postgraduate in Anesthesiology Specialist, E.A. In addition to specialized physician, he is your friend. He is able to listen and inquire in everything you need and would like to know. Talk to him, openly. Talk to your position, make the guidance and follow their advice.

03. As the patient should prepare for anesthesia?

Answer: The anesthesiologist is part of a team that concentrates the medical information about the patient. It is important that the patient and his family know the anesthesiologist in advance. There is also the possibility that the anesthesiologist has his own office. Anyway, tell your story to the anesthesiologist: their habits, medical health issues, medications you take or have taken, allergic reactions to medications and previous experiences with the use of anesthetics. Be sure to ask what are the necessary laboratory tests, hospitalization time and fasting. Remember: water is included fasting.

04. How is the anesthesiologist's visit the day of surgery?

Answer: Patients mostly arrive at the hospital the day of surgery, when then remake contact with the anesthesiologist. If the operation was scheduled in advance, the anesthesiologist must have the results of necessary examinations requested by himself or by the surgeon. Still, before surgery, the anesthesiologist will make an overall assessment of physical and emotional health of the patient. It is common for him to repeat questions already made by the surgeon.

05. The patient can choose the type of anesthesia?

Answer: Who decides is the anesthesiologist, based on clinical and medical evaluations performed on the patient. He will explain to the patient, or someone in your family, the reason for his choice. The patient may be submitted to: Local Anesthesia: Local anesthetic use, applied only at the surgical site. Regional anesthesia: local anesthetic use in larger coverage area in relation to the area of ​​the body where surgery will be performed (ex .: spinal anesthesia for varicose vein surgery). General anesthesia: the patient is unconscious. It may be administered intramuscularly, intravenously or inhalation (through breathing, the anesthetic is inhaled and enter the body through the lungs).

06. When the patient can stay awake or not?

Answer: In the local or regional anesthesia, the patient can stay awake or not. In quick surgery in patients calm, there is no need to be unconscious. In longer or more nerve surgery patients, it is common to use sedation, ie the patient will be asleep during surgery.

Answer: The duration of anesthesia should be proportional to the time designed for surgery. O anesthesiologist intervention may maintain anesthesia for as long as necessary, through the anesthetic administration without interruption.

08. How is the control of the patient by the anesthesiologist?

Answer: The anesthesiologist controls all the patient's vital functions such as 1 .Nível consciousness 2 .Pressão blood, heart rate, skin color and mucous membranes, circulating blood volume levels. oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood. 3 .Volume respiratory, respiratory rate, oxygen concentration in the lungs. 4 urinary .Volume. 5 muscle .Atividade. It is also a function of Anesthesiologists diagnose and monitor constantly the situation of the patient during surgery and contribute to the surgeon takes care exclusively for surgery.

09. During anesthesia, the anesthesiologist can leave the room?

Answer: Do not forget that patient safety is subject to permanent surveillance. Therefore, the anesthesiologist does not leave the room during surgery. The anesthesiologist is responsible for the technique of anesthesia and therefore have to control it, using different types of monitors and instruments for constant clinical evaluation of the patient.

10. How is the return of the patient to consciousness and sensitivity after anesthesia?

Answer: The anesthesiologist should observe the patient until they have completed all effects related to anesthesia administered For this, there is a special sector, where most patients remains after anesthesia and surgery - to Room. Post-Anesthetic Recovery - (RPA) - where the patient will be observed continuously.

11. Recovery room is synonymous recovery is synonymous with complications?

. Answer: No. The recovery room allows patients to have their blood pressure, heart rate, breathing and level of consciousness observed at regular intervals. The time the patient is in the Post-Anesthetic Care Unit aims to observe the response of anesthesia in relation to treatment. In this way, it is traced an effective scheme to combat any pain postoperatively. In the recovery room the patient will stay until the doctor check a total frame stability of its circulation, breathing, level of consciousness and regression of anesthesia. Some patients, as serious or undergoing complex surgery, can go through the recovery room and be sent to the Intensive Care Centers - CTI. The anesthesiologist will take the patient to the ICU where a medical team will follow-up.

12. When the patient can return home without hospitalization?

Answer: In the case of postoperative patients undergoing surgery or outpatient procedures, the patient is discharged safely after staying in the recovery room for a period of observation. The patient and her companion are instructed to signs and symptoms that may occur postoperatively. The indication of the performance of outpatient procedures has its own rules, so not all operations can be programmed in this way. After hospital discharge, be sure to consult your anesthesiologist about any questions and issues in the post-operative and recovery period. The anesthesiologist will always be willing to answer your questions. If you need, be sure to look for it!

01. Why younger people are looking increasingly early, plastic surgery?

Answer: Currently, even those who still have young age are more eager to maintain a more youthful appearance. Many believe that all good happens only at this stage, without thinking too much in the future. We live in a highly consumerist society and we always desire for immediacy answers, because here time is everything.

The media bombards us with lots of information related to beauty, youth, success and eternal power that "everything I can."

02. Why older people are also looking for more plastic surgery?

A. Advances in technology with new drugs, hormones with its multiple hulling actions for women, remedies for male erection, penile and breast implants; other medications to better control the diseases that were considered "Karma or slaves" such as diabetes, cholesterol, etc; cardiac surgery and other prolong life expectancy and lead people to seek quality of life with good physical appearance. It may not seem more the media and the market, especially the beauty industry and the media have a lot to do. There has also been a change in the behavior and thinking of society; today, for example, certain activities that were considered only of young people, such as weight training, are already encouraged and practiced in all age groups, including elders.

03. What are the counterpoints to hold up a plastic surgery at a young age or much more advanced?

Answer: Caution, patience, ethics and accountability first. Young people are more compelling, they want everything now, for yesterday and if you do what is desired, they immediately say "I'll make another." The ideal so that the desired operation can be performed are: that there is a real need and possibility surgical and that the body is already matured, or the anatomical structures have already been developed. Puberty and adolescence are natural changes or passage, that deserve to be respected. For older is a condition "sine qua non" that are in perfect physical and mental health.

04. And the young men have long sought plastic surgery?

Answer: Yes, the concern with the appearance is not the possession of any particular sex. It is human creature. The boys worry about acne (pimples), the big nose, protruding ears, gynecomastia. Some complain of "thin shins" or lack of pectoral muscles, "thinness", because they want to be strong and healed. Today everyone has a horror of localized fat. The boys are more curious and ask a lot. They seek to inform and everything to convince well their desires or obtain parental consent. It is good that parents or guardians are present in all steps, from medical consultation to the surgery if there is real indication.

05. How is the man in the present context as clients of plastic surgery?

Answer: Men always start slowly when it gets stuck in prejudice, but "soft water hard rock beats both an hour THEY change those old concepts" and also take the train from the media and progress. These days, having a youthful and healthy appearance is prerequisite to live in this globalized world of competition. The individual is required to always be best at something, starting with his own image. Several surveys have shown that people have considered beautiful rise faster, easier and more opportunities in the labor market. Among others, this is a good reason for anyone wanting to be ugly. The truth is that men have more sought plastic surgery offices. Younger start with the cosmetic procedures for acne, nose surgery and protruding ears. The more mature look for keep fit and do plastic surgery such as liposuction, to keep yourself slim. The older looking for more immediate results for a more youthful appearance. In these cases, the face surgery, eyelids and jowls are the most sought after.

06. The demand of women for plastic surgery changed?

Answer: Beauty woman is part of their nature. Today, with so many cosmetics, with so much media and so many standards established changing every day, the woman remains "woman" and increasingly seeking our services. Adding sense in demand for plastic surgery come from a rise in the labor market with financial independence, media dissemination force and popularization of plastic surgery. The woman became head of the family, even with man at home. The various roles that were once men only started to be played also by independent women more competently. With all this and with his conceited nature, they still want to be feminine, beautiful, mothers, married or separated, sensitive, working and hating fat, cellulite, wrinkles. The skin is your point "B" of beauty, well-protruding breasts and well contoured body is your point "S" of sensuality and sexuality, combined with an "I" intelligence to get the point "F" of happiness . Plastic surgery seeks to serve them and have to adapt to their times. An example of this was the standard of beauty change in relation to the breasts; the breast reduction surgeries were much sought until very recently; Today the path is reversed, growing demand for its increase through the silicone.

07. What is the new concept of plastic surgery?

Answer: The new design of plastic surgery reflects a vision closely related to health, physical, mental and social. The whole, all intertwined with everything and other specialties. Natural weather, the wind, the sun, the diseases acquired in the course of a lifetime and the power to interfere more or less on our health and our appearance. And with increasing age, facial structure as bones, muscles and skin, suffer hipotrofiando changes, involution, sliding, apergaminhando, showing the signs of time. Plastic surgery has its many resources to mitigate or enhance the effects produced in our body, either by surgical or cosmetic methods and the combination of both. There are creams on the market, to assist in the improvement of the collagen fibers in the turgidity and freshness of the skin. The loss of volume can be restored with the apparently Fillers including the patient's own fat and hyaluronic acid. And surgery for those cases of skin sagging or other change where the best solution would be the use of the scalpel. Putting it all together and all the benefit is guaranteed.

01. The surgical technique for facial surgery in man is the same for women?

Response: Essentially yes, but the aesthetic concept of the use of the technique to fit the male characters, to maintain the naturalness and sex standards. There are some variations in the incisions and made statements, in order to preserve the implementation of beard and keep their hair; especially in men with baldness.

02. How to fix the Chinese mustache in man?

Answer: It can be corrected through the facial lift or fill methods surgery. The surgery removes excess skin, corrects facial sagging and repositions the tissues naturally. It is usually performed under local anesthesia and sedation. The filling uses substances that are injected into the furrows of the face, to increase the area of ​​depression and sustain it, but there are limitations of the results when the skin laxity is greater and the result will last a short time

03. The beard and baldness prevent the realization of the face of plastic surgery in man?

A: None of these situations precludes the achievement of a surgical face in men. There are many technical resources that can be applied to different needs, in order to obtain the desired surgical outcome, without prejudice to the natural appearance of the patient's face.

04. I am a 32 year old man and I have a double chin that bothers me a lot. How to solve this as fast as possible?

Answer: The solution will depend on the particular case. It is necessary an examination in consultation. Young people like you usually do not have sagging skin associated with these cases. Thus, it can be treated with a submental liposuction. However, even in young, obese or lost when many kilos, it can be seen that no excess skin retracts to withdraw the fat that sustains it. In these cases you need to do liposuction associated with a neck lift to remove excess skin.

05. What plastic surgeries that men seek more?

Answer: The demand for face surgery, removal of eyelid bags and the liposuction has increased significantly. In the younger age group it is common to search for ear correction in abano and gynecomastia.

06. I wonder how to solve the excess fat: the "tires" side in the belly and pubis?

Answer: These cases benefit greatly with liposuction. First it is necessary to make an assessment of the patient's health status and fat volume displayed. There are selection criteria so that there is safety in performing the procedure.

07. I have a lot of stock in the lower eyelids and learned that is the plastic surgeon who solves it. Would you like more information about this surgery?

Answer: The surgery for eyelid bags withdrawal can be performed under local anesthesia and sedation. There are two ways to do it and this will depend on the particular case. In cases where the patient has in the lower eyelid bags without excessive skin, can be used to Transconjunctival technique whereby retire bags making an incision in the conjunctiva. There will be no need to cut skin. If the patient while excess fat pads and skin of the eyelids, one has to use the conventional technique blepharoplasty. It enables the removal of skin and bags through an incision along the lash line on the lower eyelid.

08. I am 52 years old and I have a lot of skin on the eyelids, especially in the upper ones. My wife already had her face painted and the ophthalmologist advised me to look for a plastic surgery service, but I'm afraid because those things that she does is a woman. Could you explain me better?

Answer: The aesthetic plastic surgery is not just for women. It is used indiscriminately to solve problems as described and others. The eyelid surgery, called blepharoplasty, is performed in order to correct the excess skin and eyelid bags, which often come to disturb the vision when very prominent. It takes place under local anesthesia and sedation in most cases.

09. I wonder about silicone implants for male chest, as do weight training for a long time and my heart does not develop as you like?

Answer: male pectoral implants differ from those used in women not only in form but also because they are made of flexible silicone rubber pad, silicone gel content. Therefore exhibit tougher texture to the touch and does not require an exchange; unless the patient so wish. Some men even doing physical exercises located weighing a regular basis, can not further increase the pectoral muscles. The surgery can be performed under general anesthesia or sedation in place and in some cases. The prosthesis is placed behind the pectoralis major muscle, through an incision in the axilla. After one month the patient can return to normal activities of exercise gradually.

10. I have thick thighs and thin shins. It has silicone to swell the shins?

Answer: Yes, calf implants can be found in the various sizes. Surgery for placement of them is relatively simple, but requires a post-operative home where, generally, the use of crutches to walk the first week is necessary until there is a better adaptation of the skin and reduction of edema (swelling). According to those patients who have this procedure, they report that there was a significant improvement and it is surgery.

11. I have the lower lip thicker than the top and I think that draws a lot of people's attention. But I'm afraid of the scar become apparent if you perform an operation. Is there any other solution?

Answer: Yes, you can improve this ratio between the lips with the application of filler substances in the thinner lip to align it with the thicker bottom, or be held to reduce the thickness of the lip surgery, since it is that's what bothers you. The reduction is made by a scar on his lip internally .. The hyaluronic acid is one of them and is in office. applying at intervals eight months but should be repeated to maintain results since it undergoes natural absorption by the body.

12. I have the protruding ears. I reason of mockery among the waiters colleagues, but I am more embarrassed when I meet clients, because I think they are looking at me. I'm afraid to do the surgery because I was told that the doctor has to get the ear of the head to fix. It is true?

Answer: Not so. The technique used in the repair of protruding ears is made by the later of the ears, with an incision in the posterior groove without removing it from the site. For this incision is made modeling of cartilage without leaving visible scars.

13. I'm black and I have very broad nose, almost nothing back and the holes open many, but not like to stay with the strange face, that is, I do not want to lose the traits of my race. There is a specific nose surgery to black?

Answer: The nose plastic surgery offers technical resources appropriate to all types of noses. However, it is necessary for the surgeon to examine the patient and talk a lot during the consultation. It will be up to the doctor to explain the possibilities and answer questions, and it will be up to the patient to expose your desire, would not like to happen and ask your questions. The nose should be seen in the whole of the face and surgery can only be a good result if you take care of that harmony. So in people of any ethnic group, it is always advisable to keep its basic characteristics, despite the changes that plastic surgery can offer for the better. In the black, for example, can reduce the opening of the nasal wings and increase height the back, without thereby turn up that nose in Aryan type that would not match with the facial harmony. the surgeon's aesthetic sensibility and understanding of the patient are important in surgical planning.

14. My problem is that I have very thin lips. I wonder if you have any surgery to increase them?

Answer: Yes, lip augmentation surgery is performed through an incision that delineates the lip advancing the mucosa (the lip red) off. This considerably increases its thickness. However, this surgery is generally more applied to women, since your scar can be masked by the use of lipstick for them. In man this scar can only be disguised by a beard or mustache. Other non-surgical methods can also be used in this case as the use of filler substances, but their result is temporary. The most suitable products are composed of hyaluronic acid and are applied in office under topical anesthesia. The result lasts between six months to a year.

15. Man can make botulinum toxin type A? And what care you have to?

Answer: Yes, man can make botulinum toxin type A in the same way that the woman. However, the application form and the dosage may be different, since the desired aesthetic effect must respect the male characteristics, causing no great elevation of the eyebrows.

16. I had many pimples on the face during adolescence and today 25 years do not have more. However I got to face all bumpy. Is there any treatment to improve the appearance of my face?

Answer: We dermo facial abrasion or surgical peels and chemical peels. Larger acne sequelae need of dermal abrasion to treatment, and chemical peels indicated only for superficial cases. There are cases where the combination of a facial lift the dermo abrasion improves the aesthetic result. Only in a query is which may be characterized the best therapeutic approach in each case.

What is happening and why the cleft lip and palate?

Cleft lip's and palate (roof of the mouth) are congenital deformities (diseases that come with the individual at birth), characterized by the break in the continuity of the upper and palate lip tissue, partial or complete, and may also be unilateral, bilateral or medians.

The cause is unknown and there are several theories and factors responsible as mutant genes, chromosomal aberrations, teratogenic agents (drugs, stress), family heritage (most cases fall into this category).

It recognized early after birth of the baby, still in the maternity ward. It creates usually a great anxiety in parents, guilt and the search for immediate surgery. Pediatricians should and plastic surgeon to explain and control the situation, because the fix should only be carried out after an appropriate period of preparation and stabilization of the baby's health. Sporadically one can see adults carrying a fissure, because they were not treated in childhood. . However, the correction surgery can be done also in adulthood As a curiosity, in the movie "Gladiator" the Emperor Commodus (played by Joaquin Phoenix) has a scar on his upper lip remaining probable cleft lip; It is not the work of makeup film.

As it is a cleft lip and palate?

O tratamento exige paciência e tempo, tanto dos pais, do paciente e da equipe especializada composta por clínico, cirurgião plástico, ortodontista, fonoaudiólogo, foniatra, psicólogo. O tratamento tem início nos primeiros dias de vida e segue até a fase adulta. Existem controvérsias em relação à idade para fazer as cirurgias; as mais aceitas na atualidade são: (A)- cirurgias sobre o lábio, nunca antes dos três meses, tendo como critério mais importante as condições clínicas da criança; (B)- cirurgias sobre o palato anterior a partir dos 12 meses e para o palato posterior 18 meses de idade; (C)- cirurgias sobre o nariz a partir dos 15 anos e cirurgias sobre maxilar e mandíbula para correção de sequela óssea, somente após o pleno desenvolvimento ósseo da face.

What is hemangioma?

Are tumors of vascular origin, arterial or venous, which are born with the person. It affects mainly the skin and subcutaneous tissue and have various appearances, from a simple red-wine stain to a moriform aspect (bunch of grapes). Many parents realize the problem in their children as babies. In the simplest cases the treatment is conservative: just watching and doing nothing as most will disappear spontaneously in the course of two years. The more complex cases require a multidisciplinary approach involving pediatricians, clinical, plastic surgeon, vascular surgeon and psychologist and require special care as well as reconstructive surgeries. People in a certain way rather put a tattoo on the body, to have any kind of stain or mark on the skin.

What is the best age to operate protruding ears?

The child should be operated between four and seven years old when the pinna has become quite well developed and structured, but you can do the surgery also in adulthood. The ears surgery in abano alia repairers and aesthetic principles and has great psychological and social importance to their carriers. Children and adults are often given nicknames and suffer constraints so.

01. Is there an ideal age to make the first plastic face?

Answer: The ideal age is one that reveals signs of aging such as sagging facial skin, neck and eyelids, which is not necessarily linked to the chronological age of the person.

02. If you make a facial plastic surgery, this will guarantee me that my face will not need to do another surgery? Otherwise, how long plastic surgery?

Answer: A plastic surgery face is to correct the sagging, wrinkles and other signs acquired with advancing age, but this is not a procedure with definitive results. It only simulates a delay in the effects of our biological clock with regard to age, but life continues to follow its natural course. The result is satisfactory for several years, suffering the influence of individual characters, such as skin type, systemic diseases, sun exposure and personal care.

03. What doctors have to say the following: "small procedures great results", ie can do just eyelid surgery and have a good facial rejuvenation as a whole?

Answer: Eyelid surgery aims to remove excess skin and fat pockets, leading to improved aesthetic appearance and subsequent rejuvenation of the region. This can create the impression of an overall improvement of the face, but you can not expect this procedure has the effect of a face surgery, if it is indicated. The idea that small procedures are equal to great results is most often misguided and often commercial.

04. I just do plastic surgery to correct the chat I have under the chin or just liposuction solve my problem?

Answer: The choice of procedure or even the use of the two members may be necessary and will depend on the signs found during clinical examination. Younger people that have only fat in this region without skin laxity can get good results with liposuction. However, if sagging skin associated, independent of age, there may be a need to remove excess skin after liposuction through a lift of the cervical (neck) or even a lift face.

05. Why do doctors have the habit of saying that smoking is harmful to health and healing. How many cigarettes I smoke per day to be able to make a face surgery?

Answer: This is not a fad but a reality scientifically proven. The list harm to health caused by nicotine and is wide in relation to surgery, one can start with pulmonary damage and consequently the oxygenation of the tissues. As aggravating the healing process, we also have peripheral vasoconstriction induced by this substance, which reduces the blood supply to the operated areas. A smoker's cough can cause disruption and pain points in larger operations, as well as necrosis and tissue suffering thrombosis and oxygen deficiency in the operated area. Ideally not stop smoking or two weeks before and after surgery; otherwise know that complications exist and think hard about their responsibilities.

06. It is true that the placement of the "Russian wire" is the same thing as a cover plastic surgery?

Answer:. This cosmetic procedure can not be seen as a substitute for conventional surgery. It is good to know that it uses a foreign body for inclusion in the face and that this is a complex area with many muscular structures, nerve and vascular important. The face has a mimicry that must be preserved and various statically placed wires can alter the movement of the face. Over time there is the formation of fibrosis around making them tangible or their visible paths. Excess skin can not always be concealed, since no skin is removed in this procedure. There is also the danger that some of the wires may lose its fixation and cause imbalances in the person's expression.

07. I need a haircut before performing facial surgery? I had a friend whose hair fell a lot after surgery of the face. Was it because of the anesthesia?

Answer: There is no need that the patient cut her hair before face surgery. We orientate just that if you have the habit of dye them, which makes up to three days before, it will have to wait on average a month to return to do so.

08. I'm afraid of general anesthesia. There is another type of anesthesia that may use to surgeryplastic face?

Answer: Yes. It is quite frequent use of local anesthesia and sedation to perform the face lift, neck and eyelids. It is a comfortable way which is as safe for general anesthesia. Subject to prior assessment of the case and the surgeon's skill and his team.

09. Why is it that some people who do face are plastic with the appearance of "plasticized (a)?

Answer: This is an observation that does not match the reality of the good results, which fortunately see increased with better preparation of surgeons. The stigmas of the excesses and misguided operations call the attention of all, creating the false impression that all plastic surgery is so. However, good surgery is generally perceived only as a rest on the face of those who submitted and sometimes goes unnoticed.

10. My fear is with the scars; I've seen every horrible thing! Well, if you do a facial plastic surgery, I continue to use ponytail or hair stuck. It is possible?

A. Since the technique follow basic principles regarding proper placement of scars, hiding the lines of lower voltage and in the scalp, and perform symmetric drifts that preserve lines capillary implantation, could be reached good aesthetic result and preserve the physiognomy of the patient. There are people who have scars below the recommended behind the ears; this makes these scars become very visible, preventing the use of short hair or imprisoned. This can be avoided with the correct positioning of the scars, moving into the scalp, where they will be hidden.

11. How soon can I return to my professional activities after making a face and neck lift?

Response: The time to return to work may vary according to the activity in question. For activities that require no physical exertion or exposure to sunlight, the average time is fifteen days and one month for those others.

12. I am a gym teacher, I am 32 years old, my face is thin and the grooves around the nose (nasogenian grooves) are quite marked; It's family stuff. What can I do to improve?

Answer: There are some hypotheses for the treatment of these grooves, but choosing the best for this case will depend on the physical examination and discussion during the consultation. Nasolabial furrows marked, also known as Chinese mustache may have family or constitutional characteristic. However, accentuated with age and with increasing sagging skin on the face. Even young people can present them deep and marked. The lack of support in the face of fat can contribute to the emergence of these grooves, especially in male patients, the relative plenty of skin.

The correction of the grooves can pass through infiltration temporary filler substances, the individual's own fat tissue and even the need for achievement and a facelift for correction of excess skin.

Man has breast as a woman?

Response: In a way yes, that is, the glandular breast tissue in both sexes are compatible. The difference is made by the action of the masculinizing hormone (testosterone) and female (estrogen) on this tissue. The predominance of estrogen induces the growth of the gland and mammary stroma. In addition to increasing the deposition of fat location.

Men and women have these two hormones in different quantities; are they determined the secondary sexual characteristics in each individual. When the male teenager reaches puberty, testosterone rises and estrogen predominates; so the child will develop the typical male characters: growth and distribution characteristic of hair, darkening of the scrotum, deepening of the voice and all anatomical complexion of a man. It is also due to the predominance of this male hormone that he will not develop female characters, such as breast development, more rounded body shape, thin voice, soft skin, etc.

What is the minimum age for gynecomastia correction surgery?

Answer: Once diagnosed with gynecomastia during adolescence and ruled out any underlying disease, may indicate surgery and with the consent and permission of parents or guardians for the minor. A good health and routine preoperative tests within the normal range are also prerequisites for the surgery.

How is gynecomastia surgery?

Answer: Surgical correction of gynecomastia can be done by surgical resection of the mammary gland or by liposuction and can be associated with both procedures in some cases. The most commonly used incisions are placed in the mammary areola, but there are extreme cases much excess skin that require technical changes also with skin removed.

If gynecomastia is presented in both breasts, correction surgery can be done on both at the same time or must first make a breast and then the other?

Answer: Gynecomastia may affect one or both breasts and have the same or different sizes in the same patient. The surgery is done at once in order to correct both breasts.

05. What is the difference between gynecomastia and pseudogynecomastia?

Answer: The difference is the predominant type of breast content in its increase in volume. Called pseudogynecomastia to breast augmentation predominantly caused by fatty tissue and gynecomastia (real) increase with a predominance of glandular tissue and mammary stroma.

06. As surgically corrects pseudogynecomastia?

Answer: liposuction corrects most of these cases, which are also known as "lipomastia". In the case of the large increase (s) the breast (s) with skin sagging and fall (s) thereof (s), there may be the need of skin removed through incisions resections and the use of the scalpel.

07. What type of anesthesia used in surgery of gynecomastia?

Answer: You can use local anesthesia and sedation in small and medium cases, or general anesthesia for cases of greater extent. The anesthetist with the patient and responsible, in agreement will make the best choice anesthetic.

08. What is the average duration of surgery for gynecomastia correction?

Response: This is a generally rapid operation, varying with the case on average one hour. Importantly, every surgery has its technical time, ie, the patient does not arrive in the operating room and will soon be operated. There is a whole preparation that begins with the anesthesiologist, following then the antisepsis and aseptic precautions; Finally comes the surgical team to perform its function. All this takes a certain time and calculated.

09. It is necessary that the candidate for gynecomastia correction surgery stay in hospital? If the answer is yes, how long?

Answer: There is not always a need for hospitalization, and the patient can do this on an outpatient basis. The surgery is performed in a hospital or clinic and after a short rest this is released to your residence. Only in medium and large cases or under general anesthesia we advise hospitalization of 24 hours.

10. My son is 16 years old, is thin and has enlarged breasts. One is different from the other in size, ie, the right breast is larger than the left. My question is this: what is the course of action I must take to resolve his problem. Do I need to go to a psychologist before? He is very angry with his body and is tired of the nicknames and games of his colleagues.

Answer: The psychological support always helps. It is necessary and valuable, but surgery may resolve this problem which is called gynecomastia. It is important that he make a first medical consultation, to research the likely cause of this breast augmentation. If there is no disease involved, it can undergo surgery. The fact that they are different in size is common and usually does not affect the surgical outcome.

11. Doctor, my son has always been chubby, now he is 17 years old and has strong bone structure; but it is "fluffy". His chest has grown and is different from the other brother who is older. Is there any examination you can do to find out if he has a woman's breast?

Answer: Teens overweight or obese may develop breasts by fat accumulation mainly, but there may also be glandular increase due to other factors to be searched. The tests used for diagnosis are laboratory tests (blood and urine) for the study of liver function, renal and endocrine (hormones), mammography, ultrasound, etc.

A medical consultation will help define the diagnosis because the clinical history, the doctor will research on eating habits, family history, drug use, exposure to estrogenic agents, anabolic steroids, etc. It is also important to complete physical examination, including assessment of the testicles and psychological state. Many teens may find themselves repressed, shy or the opposite; too aggressive due to feminizing factor (breast enlargement) what is happening in your body. In most cases surgical treatment is based on liposuction surgery alone or associated with removal of the gland increased.

12. I have a son who is 18 years old, an athlete, likes to work out. However, I've only now noticed that he has a little "tits" protruding from the left side. Last year an aunt of him died of breast cancer and my mother (paternal grandmother) has breast lumps and even took a couple. Can man get breast cancer? Can my child have breast cancer? What are your guidelines, Doctor?

Answer: It is common in athletes the appearance of gynecomastia (breast enlargement) due to the use of anabolic steroids. Should be investigated if it makes use of these drugs quite widespread among young people and in the gyms. It may not be the case for your child, as the growth of breasts in men can also occur by other factors. An "open" medical consultation can help in the diagnosis. As to the question "whether the man may have breast cancer," this is likely to happen. Cancers located in other regions of the body, such as in the testis or liver can lead to an increase (s) of the gland (s) breast (s). a good medical research is important for a correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment. The fact of the breast in women of her family cancer notification is a hereditary factor that is closely related to the female and is an important clinical data to be considered in women.

13. Doctor, I'm a little ashamed of what I'm going to ask. My son is 17 years old and does not take off his clothes in front of anyone, He is very shy, does not make any sport. I'm intrigued by this. One day he was changing clothes and I saw that he is with "tits". I do not know what to think. Is my child taking female hormone to grow the breast? Help me, Doctor.

Answer: The growth of breasts in men is called gynecomastia. This is a change in hormone order caused by multiple factors, including drugs, anabolic steroids, alcohol, drugs, marijuana, estrogens, etc. Generally has nothing to sexuality of the individual and commonly cause embarrassment due to misinformation and myths created in society. Young people with gynecomastia usually present shy, lonely and embarrassed by the fact that your body is going a "thing" that does not match their masculinity and they are ashamed to show themselves in front of others. Others become aggressive. The treatment begins with a medical research in order to ward off disease-causing or other factors; only after a part for treatment. Psychological support and family are important to restore self-esteem and self-confidence to the patient. Take your child to see a doctor for examination and diagnosis.

However, adolescence is the stage of several transformations, changes and discoveries for the young. The sexual orientation of each is individual. If you have any questions, try to prepare yourself and talk to your child; and most importantly, be sure to like it, whatever the situation It is known that males and even adolescents with the desire to feminize your body, take estrogen indiscriminately and without medical consent, in the attempt. to enhance their breasts. Talk to your family members or seek the help of experts like psychologist or doctor, suitable for teenagers.

14. My father is an alcoholic, has cirrhosis diagnosed, and is 42 years old. He has one breast bigger than the other, like the breast of a 13- to 15-year-old girl, and this has started to appear in the last 2 years. He has promised us that he will only stop drinking if he takes that woman's chest he has. We in the family want to solve this torment of drinking with surgery to remove that breast. It's possible?

Answer: The two problems can be interrelated as cause and effect. Liver cirrhosis and alcoholism are triggering causes of gynecomastia (breast enlargement in men). Liver disease causes an alteration in the metabolism leading to increased mammary gland and fat deposition. There is no doubt that the removal of the breast tissue surgery will correct the effect but the cause will continue. We advise the specialized treatment for the treatment of liver cirrhosis and alcoholism. The latter being the likely initial cause, the psychological support is important and can be given by professionals and through bodies such as Alcoholics Anonymous.

15. Doctor, my son is 19 years old and got into a tough crew. I found out that he has a woman's breast, but "I'm sure his into girls." Marijuana makes male breast develop?

A: Marijuana is considered as one of the causes of the appearance of gynecomastia yes; but there to investigate other causes, to rule out other agents or diseases involved. If there is no underlying disease, treatment is with plastic surgery. Talk to your child and open the game. Your understanding and friendship can help you a lot in your life path.

16. What are the medical guidelines after surgery for those who wish to gynecomastia correction surgery?

Answer: The post-operative gynecomastia surgery requires the use of a compression band on the chest during the first week and relative rest. This means that exercise, beach and sports should be avoided until it is completely healed. The compression function is to promote greater adhesion of the skin to the muscle tissue and reduce local swelling. It also provides protection to the region for possible traumas. Local massages are recommended after ten days of the intervention; This aims to lymphatic drainage to reduce the residual swelling and thereby improve the patient's recovery.

17. Is there any complication in gynecomastia correction surgery?

Answer: There may be bruising in cases of more extensive glandular resection, due to the large detachment of the breast region. Hence the need for suction and compression drain use these cases to reduce this risk. Infection and necrosis of areola are other less frequent complications. Relief irregularities can occur if resection has not been adequate.

18. Masturbation does grow chest?

Answer: This is just a popular myth that hinders more than helps people with gynecomastia because they are ashamed with what others think of him. In addition to breast enlargement in itself, that makes them hide in, depriving themselves of many activities and delaying appropriate treatment.

19. If you stop taking the anabolic "titty" disappears?

Answer: Gynecomastia can be caused by anabolic, but the suspension of the same is no guarantee of their complete disappearance. Once grown the mammary gland the damage has been caused and remain, can only be reduced when the causative agent is removed. However, there will be need for surgery for proper correction of residual breast tissue.

20. I am 24 years old and have gynecomastia in both breasts; "death of fear" of surgery. Is there any remedy that cures gynecomastia?

Answer: First you have to go through a consultation to assess the type of gynecomastia and to undergo routine tests in order to investigate the likely cause. If you are obese and do not introduce other cause beyond the accumulation of fat in the breast region, weight loss can help reduce the volume of the breasts or you can undergo liposuction in the region. However, if your gynecomastia is the mammary gland enlargement, the removal of the gland surgery is often the best solution. In cases of gynecomastia appearance by endocrine disorders or other diseases if they are immediately detected at the beginning of breast enlargement, clinical treatment can be effective, but is not a general consensus among related medical. It is advised to consult a specialist, the support of a psychologist, family or friends. Do not be afraid of the surgery, if this is the only solution.

21. Doctor, I'm 32 years old. I was a big obese and with stomach reduction surgery I already lost a considerable amount of weight. I'm still on obesity treatment. With weight loss I have noticed that I am with woman's chest, fallen. Doctor, it looks like Indian breast. Can I have surgery to remove this thing?

Answer: Obesity is accumulation of fat in the thoracic region, increasing the breasts in men. This increase is accompanied by the growth of skin around them. If there is sudden loss of weight reduction of the mammary fat content is done without accompanying the skin. So sagging, causing the fall of the breasts. Surgery with removal of skin and breast tissue can improve the aesthetics of the chest. However, you need to evaluate your current clinical condition and is fit for surgery. Commonly, the large obese submitted to stomach reduction surgery will only be released to plastic surgery after two years from the beginning of this treatment. This is because the sudden loss of weight is accompanied with metabolic disorders immune fall, protein, vitamins and salts which pose a risk surgery.

22. I am 57 years old and had to remove the testicles due to a prostate tumor, but replaced with prostheses. I think because of this and also the clinical treatment instituted with estrogens, I am now with a woman's chest and I feel depressed. They told me that the chest in man only grows when he is young boy. Do I have any tumor metastases?

Answer: The use of estrogen can cause the appearance of gynecomastia, regardless of the age of the individual. Usually it reduces in volume after stopping the treatment, but does not disappear completely, especially in your case where testosterone production is inhibited. The possibility of metastasis is rare, but should be carefully research the urologist or oncologist who is treating you. Surgical correction may be made provided that you are in good health, in agreement with your specialist concerned and the regular preoperative tests. All breast tissue removed in surgery is sent for histopathological examination for diagnostic purposes.

01. I put breast implants before becoming pregnant and nursed normally. I remember they were huge, but then wilted and were a little fallen. I would like to stay as before. What you advise me?

Answer: As you well noticed, the prosthesis did not interfere with breastfeeding. However, the very large increase in their breasts during pregnancy, associated with involution after breastfeeding may have caused a decline of the same.

Obviously this drop is less than that which would occur if you had dentures. But if even then his desire is to raise them further, encourage the exchange of the prosthesis by a volume slightly higher or make a breast remodeling through the removal of excess skin. We examine it personally to decide the best approach.

02. My breasts were beautiful before pregnancy and become more beautiful during pregnancy. They were large and protruding. I could not breastfeed because I had inverted nipples and my baby not quite caught the tip chest. I took the milk with a breast pump and give it to him. I am not breastfeeding, but the breasts means lost all that belezura. I thought about putting a prosthesis, but I want to have another child. If you put the prosthesis and have another child, this will prevent them falling and corrects my nipples?

Answer: There are two situations to be discussed. The problem of inverted nipples can be corrected while the placement of the prosthesis by a technique itself, but not the prosthesis itself that makes this fix. The placement of implants in their breasts may offer an increase in volume that resembles what you had during your pregnancy. Filling caused by them improves the fall of the breasts, when small. But after a new pregnancy and breastfeeding, the breasts may still have some fall if they have a very sharp increase during pregnancy.

03. I have big tits and while breastfeeding my son more sucked in one breast than the other. I think so he was more fallen than the other. How to fix?

Answer: It is natural some asymmetry in size to meet and sometimes the position of the breasts, as well as in other areas of the body human. Regarding the breasts after breastfeeding, especially in cases such as that reported, there may be an accentuation of this difference due to greater involution of breast tissue and increased sagging skin. As you have big breasts, the correction can be obtained by surgical remodeling, with removal of excess skin to lift them and give a more harmonious way. We must personally examine it to discuss the best technical option.

04. I had already made a reduction mammaplasty with an inverted T scar type. I have gained much during and after pregnancy. Perdir some kilos, but I'm like "plump". Now my breasts are drooping and with wide scars. Can I make a second breast surgery?

Answer: Yes, the secondary surgery of breasts can be done with several objectives, since the correction of scars with remodeling and lifting of the breasts, or the placement of the prosthesis to increase volume, or to a greater reduction in some cases.

05. I had a normal pregnancy, I'm in the third month of breastfeeding. Although happy with my baby, I feel that my relationship with my husband is not well. He does not complain about anything, I'm being a good mother, but I'm missing the woman in me. Look in the mirror and see my ugly body, my breasts are no longer as turgid during pregnancy, but I feel bloated and wide. I can already do a liposuction and place a silicone prosthesis?

Answer: It is early to make up any plastic surgery, because you are still in the natural swelling regression stage of pregnancy and under the influence of their hormonal changes. Liposuction can only be carried out around a year after delivery and the placement of breast implants only after eight months and out of breastfeeding. It is common that some women feel a little depressed after childbirth. But know that your body will tend to return to its normal gradually and you can help by taking some precautions. For example: start walking and light and moderate exercise; eat nutritious food because it is still breastfeeding, but avoiding excesses; and moisturise your skin etc.

06. A year ago I got a baby, I'm not breastfeeding and did a caesarean. My C-section is very low. I wonder if I can take a skin that is left in the belly for that scar?

Answer: examining only person we can discuss the possibilities to accomplish the removal of this form. Everything will depend on the amount of skin that is left, sagging and if there is abdominal muscle distention. In general, the scars a caesarean only allows withdrawal of small amounts of skin when only one indicated miniabdominoplasty. If there is muscle and sagging distention, indicating to make up a full abdominoplasty require a larger scar. Sometimes this scar may include those left by Caesarean section, but if this is too low, it may be left out.

07. I've done two cesarean sections and has been two years of the latter. I intend to have another child, but would like to correct my belly now, because it is full of streaks and a fur coat. I was also with a fat in the pubic region, which did not leave even when I lost weight. If I do a surgery in the abdomen I can get pregnant later? What can be done to remove that "chubby" pubis?

Answer: The fat on the pubis can be removed with liposuction, regardless of performing a tummy tuck, or in conjunction with it. The presence of a skin apron in the abdomen and history of two children makes it likely the need for a full abdominoplasty, to correct sagging and part removal of stretch marks that are located below the navel. However, a new pregnancy after this surgery may compromise its results and cause enlargement of the scars and the appearance of new stretch marks. It can also lead to discomfort in the last months of pregnancy due to the increased strength of the muscles to distention.

08. What are the risks of doing plastic surgery in the immediate postpartum or while a woman is breastfeeding?

Answer: All risks are greatly increased in this situation because the tissues are heavily infiltrated by the action of pregnancy hormones. The blood vessels are more dilated and the risk of bleeding increases. Surgical trauma becomes exacerbated, hindering the recovery and health. Any breast surgery breast feeding is more susceptible to infections, cysts formations and severe inflammation.

09. I have the "Nipple" great, had some difficulty with breastfeeding, because my baby choked and sometimes did not have enough strength to suck. I thought that after breastfeeding it shrivel, but this did not happen. Has surgery to decrease "breast nipple"?

A: Yes, the operation for the reduction of hypertrophic nipple can be made even under local anesthesia and allow breastfeeding later.

10. I am 38 years old and recently did a face minilift. I have been married for 1 year and I know that the more time goes by, the more risky a pregnancy is; That's why I want to get pregnant soon. I question the following: can I lose my face surgery with pregnancy?

Answer: This is quite relative because it depends both on individual factors and how much you might experience on weight gain during pregnancy. However, pregnancy does not usually lead to changes that may undermine a result of face surgery.

11. I do not intend to have more children and wanted to take to do while the cesarean, tubal ligation and abdominal surgery. It's possible?

Answer: A tubal ligation can be done at the same time of cesarean, but one should not associate any aesthetic surgery at that time, due to increased risk of bleeding, thrombosis and infection, and uterine distension and abdominal organs, hormonal action and infiltration of tissues.

01. What care that a person applying for a plastic surgery should have with respect to sun exposure?

Answer: Everyone should pay attention to the fact that inadequate sun exposure can cause skin damage and health, even those who did not undergo surgery. So should follow to the letter the doctor's instructions. After surgery should avoid exposing yourself to the sun for an average period of one month and depending on the type of surgery he underwent, this time may be longer and further guidance will be needed for comfort and better recovery. The process healing suffer damage if the patient is exposed to intense sun, causing increased edema (swelling), erythema (redness), pain, discomfort, skin blemishes and pigmentation scars. Patients undergoing peels or dermabrasion should take extra caution because the risk of complications increases considerably.

02.I left to take my vacation in the summer and would like to do the placement of silicone prostheses. My question is this: can you open my new little body yet this summer?

Answer: Every surgery will require a recovery time and caution in sun exposure. In the case of inclusion of breast implants, it is expected in average two months to enjoy the beach and the summer sun, following the guidelines to avoid excesses and schedules of higher solar incidence. Avoid the sun between 10 and 15 hours, because the ultraviolet radiation harmful to the skin is more intense at that time. Use a suitable routine photoprotector on areas of the body that are exposed.

03. Is there any contraindication to do plastic surgery of the eyelids or face in the summer?

Answer: There is no contraindication. What are precautions to be followed for the proper protection of the operated areas, which should be done at any time of year. In tropical countries like Brazil we have sun almost all year round and we can not forget that even in the snow with countries, skin care and exposure to reflected sunlight will be similar.

04. It is true that due to the heat should not do abdominal surgery. They told me that the heat leaves the very agonized person drowned and that is not good for the result of the surgery?

Answer: There is a misconception that thought, because any such feeling in some patients is more related to personal factors than to the season in question. The fact is that the use of modeling girdle after surgery may not be well tolerated by some patients, however this is important in edema of contention and offers greater security to it. Also the strongest terms given to the abdominal muscles with surgery reduces the distension of the abdomen and takes a few days for the person to adapt to the new condition. For example: with or without the summer the patient should limit the amount of food during meals because, if you otherwise may feel discomfort after eating. Another factor is the breath that seems to be shorter, due to the treatment of the aponeurosis of the rectus abdominis muscles, but with each passing day this condition back to normal.

05. Why do people prefer to do plastic surgery during the winter?

Answer: It's usually at this stage of the year to coincide with holiday periods for some people as it is the moment chosen by many to take care of fitness and aesthetics for next summer.

06. Since the subject is summer and exposure to the sun; did breast reduction surgery three months ago and would like to know if I can do top-less this summer that starts next month?

Answer: You can already go to the beach and enjoy the sun at appropriate times and without excesses, but you should not expose the scars to the sun, because the healing process has not yet been completed. Hyperpigmentation (darkening) of the scars may occur and impair the final result. For information, know that excess sun or sun exposure at inappropriate times cause the following skin damage: redness, pigmentation, thickening of the epidermis, 1st and 2nd degree burns, accelerates the premature aging of the skin, skin cancer, eye damage such as conjunctivitis, cataract, etc. It can also trigger allergies and certain diseases such as miliaria or rash, hives and herpes simplex (the ultraviolet radiation emitted by the sun has sufficient immunosuppressive capacity to activate the herpes virus).

07. After how long a person who wants to make a liposculpture the body can catch sun and return to the gym. I want to do this surgery I will parade in Carnival in a samba school and I have is "saradinha".

Answer: The return to fitness after a liposuction can vary from fifteen days, gradually and according to the extent of the procedure performed. Sun exposure in turn, must wait between two to three months to prevent edema (swelling) or appearance of skin blemishes.

Is there any danger with silicone?

In the form of prostheses, or silicone gel being protected by a casing, it is believed not. With the technological development that occurred over the past few years, manufacturers have been producing breast implants greater safety for medical use. The silicon should not be used is injectable liquid which is even prohibited from use by SBCP and CRM.

The silicone causes cancer or some other disease?

There is to date no scientific evidence that silicone induces the formation of cancer in humans. If accidental breakage of the prosthesis with extravasation of its silicon content, may form silicone vacuoles in the surrounding tissue, known as siliconomas and cause inflammation. Currently there are prostheses more resistant covers and content of cohesive gel, which even if not broken spill.

Why some breasts harden after inclusion of prostheses?

In the past this occurred due to the type of prosthesis used, with its smooth coverage; but it may be related to individual factors in small number of cases. Anyway there are ways to correct when this happens and methods for preventing, using Current prostheses.

There modification of sensitivity?

May be a small sensitivity change in the first two months or so, which gradually disappears. For future mothers is important to mention that the inclusion of prostheses in the breasts does not affect anything in breastfeeding.

What is the most suitable type of prosthesis?

Each case is evaluated individually. It is considered by the desire of the patient, his aesthetic criteria and sensuality, psychological profile in addition to the shape of the breasts and if there is asymmetry. So there are prostheses of varying shapes and sizes to make the best choice.

When to replace the prostheses?

Where routine preventive examinations reveal changes as breakage, leakage of the prosthesis content, capsular contracture, breast pathology concomitant emergence or the desire of the patient herself.

The inclusion of silicone breast prosthesis prevents radiotherapy?

Where was the surgical treatment of a tumor and placement of the prosthesis to restore the area removed, nothing will prevent you from proceeding with the recommended treatments for the control of this disease. Ideally, starting one month after radiotherapy, at which the natural healing and inflammatory processes are already in an advanced state and safer.

The silicone implants placed in the breast can disrupt tests such as mammography, magnetic resonance and ultrasound?

In general it is important to mention the existence of the prosthesis at the time of marking and examination. So professional that conduct will take appropriate technical measures to do so safely and highlight any changes, if any. These tests have evolved a lot in precision technology, helping to elucidate the diagnosis, regardless of whether or not breast implants.

Why do women want to put silicone implants in the breasts?

These days the "media" is an influence factor in our lives. Television, fashion, novels, movies, opinion leaders such as artists, etc., the idea of ​​eternal youth and change the beauty parameters are means by which we are affected in search of well-being, to be noticed and as desired happiness. This factor is prepoderante the decision by the current women to put silicone implants in the breast; even if the fears exist.

In our experience over the past fourteen years, we observed that the increase in the number of candidates for this surgery is associated with higher resolution and independence of women who have the courage and the power to take over and decide for themselves what to make of his body. We hear a lot after surgery the following: "a dream that only now realized," regardless of father, husband, boyfriend or any other woman. It is part of our clinical routine, personal stories discontent in women whose breasts did not develop or are very small; what ever cause them embarrassment sometimes pseudamente solved with the filling bra. Another group of candidates is one in which the breasts were reduced volume and fall after breastfeeding, leaving compromised sensuality and self-esteem. Women generally find their beautiful breasts during the period of pregnancy; it is known that at this stage the breasts increase in size for the purpose of lactation. There are still those patients who are afflicted with early diagnosis or absence of breast cancer. According to each case, we can resort to the use of silicone implants to restore the damage caused by the withdrawal of that injury. We always try to evaluate the psychological profile of the candidate silicone prosthesis in the breast, always trimming the edges of hype and fads Cheap.

What are the types of breast implants, as to its content?

The types of material for filling of breast prostheses commonly used in Brazil are:

01. Silicone Gels with different degrees of hardness, which does not interfere with the high cohesiveness of the filling gel;

Saline solution pre-filled or inflatable

03. Elastomer of Silicone (solid silicone) molded or pre-filled. All three groups cited may have different surfaces such as: smooth, textured or covered with polyurethane foam. We do not use flat surface prostheses because they have a greater propensity for encapsulation and retraction..

What are the most used breast prostheses models in form?

01. High Profile: provides greater projection and are widely used in those patients who have little or very little mammary gland and narrower chest.

02. Low profile: used in patients who have mammary gland to consider and excess skin, giving the breast a feature "fallen and mucho" and / or wider chest.

03. Anatomic: used in cases of breast reconstruction, in which there was more or less resection of the mammary gland.

The choice of the ideal model is always based on individual clinical examination of each patient and considering his desire; all explained and talked with the patient, always made from common medical paciente.Os according manufacturers report generally that every implant has your control number, brand and recorded size, which makes it possible identification at any time. After surgery, the registration of the prosthesis is placed in the medical records from the hospital or clinic where the surgery was performed and physician surgeon medical records. A copy of the record is given to the patient and the other is the manufacturer.

Where the breast implants are placed?

After the physical examination of the patient and once understood your biotype and their desire to volume, we set out to explain the type of scar needed to place the prosthesis. There are the following hits: transareolopapilar (straight horizontal incision that goes right in the middle of the nipple-areola complex), periareolar (a semicircular incision around the nipple-areola complex in its lower half), inframammary (a small incision made in the middle the breast crease) and axillary (a curved incision in the axilla). In most cases the choice is the infra-areolar, yet transareolopapilar is the most anatomically and the least compromises the breast ducts. However if the nipple-areola complex is too small, it chooses by inframammary access or the axillary. The axillary access is more complex and subject to risks and complications.

What are the surgical procedures most sought plastic surgery for a patient who has experienced massive weight loss?

Usually the great weight loss results in sagging and large excess skin in several areas of the body. This greatly affect body image, and self-esteem of the individual. Also, there may be localized accumulations of fat, which leads the patient to seek surgical correction. The most requested procedures are dermolipectomias or resection of excess skin, associated or not to liposuction.

There are limiting factors for performing plastic surgery on the large obese patient, or that previously submitted to gastric reduction surgery?

Yes, in both cases there are criteria for evaluation and preoperative preparation which if not followed, can present complications.

What advice surgeons BG would give those who want to lose weight and undergo surgery body contouring?

First look competent professionals to offer you guidance and follow-up, or professional associations. The number of patients who have experienced repeated failures due to lack of guidance, baseless diets, miraculous teas and false promises is immense. This only increases the inner frustration and low self-esteem. Second, the patient should seek to become aware that morbid obesity is a disorder whose treatment involves a series of initiatives, dependent on a lot of himself. ... They are changing old habits of life beyond the specialized monitoring done by an endocrinologist, psychologist, general surgeon and plastic and others that may be necessary. The patient should seek to understand the limitations of your case, if any, knowing that the idea of ​​immediate solutions should be avoided

What is the surgical program in a large obese patients who lost a lot of weight and are dissatisfied with their body aesthetic?

Case Varies by case, depending on the amendments and the wishes of the patient. The clinical and psychological evaluation and a clear conversation about the risks and limitations with patient assist the surgeon in this program. You can start removing the remaining excess skin and fat in the abdomen in apron or in the breasts, but in other cases the patient may bother more with the excesses found in the arms, thighs, outer thighs or even the face and neck. Surgery is not intended to fix in a single procedure. But each has been carried out can serve as a stimulus to the patient in continuity of care, improve their self-esteem.

There is a forecast of how many plastic surgeries will be required to correct the excesses left by the great weight loss?

We can not need this number exactly to any patient. Each case must be evaluated and viewed individually, considering the personal needs, desires, goals, clinical conditions and the patient's willingness to face life, with different attitudes and habits of those who used to have. The aphorism "I'm fat, but I'm happy," is not always true for all who are in this condition.

What is the surgical program in a large obese patients who lost a lot of weight and are dissatisfied with their body aesthetic?

Case Varies by case, depending on the amendments and the wishes of the patient. The clinical and psychological evaluation and a clear conversation about the risks and limitations with patient assist the surgeon in this program. You can start removing the remaining excess skin and fat in the abdominal apron or in the breasts, but in other cases the patient may bother more with the excesses found in the arms, thighs, outer thighs or even the face and neck.

Surgery is not intended to fix in a single procedure. But each has been carried out can serve as a stimulus to the patient in continuity of care, improve their self-esteem.

There is a forecast of how many plastic surgeries will be required to correct the excesses left by the great weight loss?

We can not need this number exactly to any patient. Each case must be evaluated and viewed individually, considering the personal needs, desires, goals, clinical conditions and the patient's willingness to face life, with different attitudes and habits of those who used to have. The aphorism "I'm fat, but I'm happy," is not always true for all who are in this condition.

01. When the pectoral implant inclusion procedure had its beginning?

Answer: The use of male pectoral implant began in reconstructive surgery a few years ago. Your goal is to correct physical chest deformities in the chest area, resulting from congenital diseases, such as Poland syndrome (characterized by the absence of the breast and pectoral muscle), Marfan syndrome (musculoskeletal defects associated) and other physical defects such as Pectus excavatum and pectus carinatum. Also in case of loss by tumors or accidents in the region. Use with only aesthetic purposes, to give more volume to the region in men dissatisfied with the size of his pecs, or can not increase them by gymnastics, it is more recent.

02. There are different sizes of prosthesis chest?

Answer: Yes, the prostheses are presented with different shapes and sizes to adapt to different body types and chest found in men. In Brazil is in sizes S, M and L with rectangular shape, with smooth or textured cover. There are several manufacturers in the market. In addition to specialized physician, he is your friend. He is able to hear it and to enlighten you on everything you need and want to know. Talk to him openly. Talk to your questions, ask for guidance and follow his advice.

03. Has there been an increase in the number of these surgeries in men?

Answer: There is a gradual increase of this surgery due to its search for men aged between 20 and 46 years in our service. In the United States it is already quite a surgery performed.

04. How is the placement of pectoral implant in man?

Answer: The surgery is performed through an incision in the armpit region, through which the surgeon creates a space for the implant below the pectoral muscle. Thus, the prosthesis designs the patient's muscle for the front, making it more prominent and does not interfere with its function.

05. There are models to be copied, such as Arnold Schawzzenegger? The men arrive at the doctor's appointment wanting to have the breastplate of the actor? And other personalities? Which are?

Answer: There are models to be copied, because it always works with the reality of each and their technical ability. Men looking for this, generally say they are dissatisfied with their appearance chest and want to increase it, but do not mirror or cite another man as a model in most.

06. We can compare the size of pectorals to which personalities?

A. A comparison is fictitious and do not correspond to reality, since a prosthesis of equal size placed in men of the same physique and height, but with different muscle volume, promote different results. The assessment of the size of the prosthesis and its form should be made by the surgeon, taking into consideration the type of chest and the particular desire of each patient.

07. The man must have an athletic to make the pectoral implant surgery?

Answer: The man may or may not athletic; because there are some who even with sports and do not develop this muscle. The difference in the outcome of the surgery can be about the final aesthetic appearance, the appearance definition of muscle fibers that only appears if you are already a pre-existing feature. What you see is the muscle itself designed by the prosthesis and not the prosthesis itself.

08. You need to do weight training to keep the result?

Answer: The exercise does not interfere, since the genetics of the patient no longer allowed him to further development of this muscle. The volume of the prosthesis remains, but the exercise should be encouraged for reasons of health and leisure.

09. Does the male chest surgery will turn fashion, as the silicone in the breasts of women?

Answer: The male audience is more resistant and conservative, not leaving influenced by fads as much as women. However, demand should become more natural in the coming years due to greater disclosure of the method, improved information to applicants and the very modern evolution of male behavior. Wanting to be or be good about yourself or beautiful is the privilege of everyone in our globalized world.

10. What are the risks of this surgery?

Answer: In all types of surgery of any surgical specialty there are general risks that should be avoided with previous investigation by the preoperative exams and by a well performed surgery. Dislocation of the prosthesis may occur in a few cases. Sensation of numbness in the inner face of the arm occurs in 1% of cases and is temporary, as well as other minor complications.

11. What type of anesthesia used?

Answer: It is very common for the patient want to associate a particular surgical procedure with a type of anesthesia. There are also frequent fear of anesthesia is general in most people. Always left to the expert, that is, the anesthesiologist, the choice of the best approach to be followed according to their knowledge and experience, taking into account that each case is different. But, we can say that the pectoral implant implantation can be performed under general or local anesthesia and sedation.

12. What post-operative guidelines in the pectoral implant surgery?

Answer: The rest is relative. The patient should sleep on his back in the first month and use an elastic band on the chest in the same period. You should also avoid driving car or motorcycle. Return to work or study can be restarted from the second week after surgery. physical activities that work the muscles of the chest area such as weight training, swimming, volleyball and the like should be avoided in the first two months postoperatively.