Intimate Surgery or ninfoplasty is indicated for women who feel uncomfortable with their intimate appearance. The most common reasons are the excess of size of the labia minora (small labia) or labium majora (large labia) and/or the excessive volume of the pubis. The solution of these problems is simple and a woman can feel better about her self image.

Intimate surgery is indicated for women who have enlarged “small” vaginal labia or when the pubis is high. In this case the best solution is usually to perform liposuction on this accumulation of fat.

The correction of vaginal labia is usually done with local anesthesia as a day case procedure. The excess of mucosa is excised and sutured with an absorbable suture.

The most common problem is that women feel uncomfortable in that they want to improve the appearance of the vagina. When the small labia are bigger than they are supposed to be, sometimes even bigger than the big labia, it can effect a women’s self esteem, sexual performance and above all confidence.