Lara Larcher

"I was always extremely dissatisfied with the appearance my nose. When I was 20 years old, I decided to seek more information about rhinoplasty and was recommended Dr Eduardo. His impressive CV and attention to detail gave me confidence that I had found the right professional. One month has now passed after the long-awaited rhinoplasty. The change is amazing, even with the swelling (which is common), I absolutely love the result. Thank you very much Dr Eduardo and staff! "

Vivian de Oliveira Lima

I met Dr Eduardo as he was a recommendation from a good friend of mine. Out of curiosity, I wanted to know more about liposuction. When I arrived at the clinic, I met a great team as well as a man with a radiant smile who turned out to be Dr Eduardo Sucupira. He answered my questions thoroughly, took away all my doubts and did not hide anything about the surgery. For those who do not know me, I am very sensitive to pain and had never been admitted to hospital before. On the day of surgery, I was accompanied by my boyfriend to the hospital where the surgery would take place. I was very well received and it was there where Dr Eduardo was waiting with a beautiful smile. The anaesthetist, whose name I cannot remember (because I fell asleep soon after meeting her) was also very helpful. Dr Eduardo came to calmly talk to me before surgery and I cried because I was nervous. He reassured me and once I was calmer he outlined where on my body he would take the fat from while he explained this to me. I said goodbye to my boyfriend Marcelo, who was also crying (because he too was nervous). Hours passed and I woke from surgery to see a beautiful work of art. Dr Eduardo had done a great job even though I was still swollen. I went home the same day. I did feel pain. But Dr Eduardo was very attentive and ensured I was well. A year has now passed since I had the surgery and I can say that I am very happy because I feel I have become young again. First and foremost, I thank God, because every surgery has a risk and so I give thanks to God that everything went very well. Second, I would like to thank Dr Eduardo Sucupira, this great and very professional man who is always dedicated to his work. I would like to take this opportunity to to tell you, Eduardo, that I pray that God continues to bless you so you enlighten our lives with your work. You are my doctor and you will always be a great friend. I was very happy and satisfied with the results of the liposuction. Every patient I have had the opportunity to meet are also happy and satisfied with their results. Therefore, I would like to thank Dr Eduardo and his team for their work.

Flávio de Souza

Dr Eduardo Sucupira was appointed by Dr Fabio Rannas (Ear, Nose and Throat surgeon) to be the plastic surgeon for my nose. It is a great pleasure to express my satisfaction. Today, 2 years after the surgery, I am very happy to have regained my self-esteem. I show my nose off with pride. I appreciate the kindness of the team. Hugs to all!

Isabela Cristina Herdy Garcia

I know Dr Eduardo’s work because I always have my Botox and fillers done by him. I always have good results. I trust and believe in his treatments and will always continue with Dr Eduardo Sucupira. My husband Luiz Fernando is also really enjoying the results of his non-invasive treatment, he is delighted. Hugs!

Michelle Pereira Da Silva Santos

My recommendation will be to the point. I always dreamt about having a breast reduction as a birthday gift when I turned 15 years of age (because my breasts were already considered gigantic). I went to many consultations with doctors who explained that as my breasts were so big, it was possible to reduce them but that I would not get good results. I then heard about Dr Eduardo Sucupira. I went to the clinic and first had a consultation with a psychologist called Luiza. This reassured me immensely so I returned the following week and spoke directly with Dr Eduardo Sucupira himself. He was very calm and certain of his abilities. This gave me confidence in him. I decided to go ahead and first get the investigations recommended prior to surgery. My haemoglobin came back as low and so I was advised to take vitamins and repeat this blood test and the second time my haemoglobin was normal so I was considered healthy to go ahead with the surgery. I arrived at the hospital on 18/06/2012 and was very well received by the team. When Dr. Eduardo arrived, he went to my room to greet us (my husband, my daughter and I). The anaesthetist was called Nathalia Cócaro and she was also very attentive. She asked several questions and clarified some doubts about the anaesthesia. All these professionals gave me confidence. I then went to the quiet operating room and was quickly put under anaesthetic. Soon after, I woke up, I asked “Have you finished?. Dr Eduardo showed me the before and after photos, how my breasts decreased and it was an excellent result. This gift that Dr Eduardo has, only God can give him. My breasts were like when I was 13 years old! They look like breast implants. Today is day 27 and my scars are healing perfectly, I'm telling the truth. It is only a couple of thin lines. I am very happy because I am in the hands of an amazing professional. He is perfect in everything he does. I was fortunate enough to see other cases he performed on women. Perfect, almost too much. After God, search for Dr Eduardo Sucupira. You will not regret it! I cry almost every day when I look in the mirror and remember how I used to be. It is more than worth it!

Suzana Guerra

Dr Eduardo, I wish you knew how grateful I am for the care, attention and above all the affection I received from you and all the staff at your clinic. I would also like to express my admiration for your professionalism and competence! You can be sure that there was no doubt from the first time I had a consultation with you (in the Santa Casa hospital and then in Essendi clinic) that you would be my surgeon of choice and the creator of a "dream" that I held onto for years without having surgery (because I wasn’t prepared emotionally or financially at the time and time did pass…). Today, I have accomplished my dream and have had the surgery with results that exceeded my expectations because I believe God directed me to the right people!!! I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Arnaldo Florencio

THaving worked for ten years with products in the area of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine, I can say that Dr Eduardo Sucupira is always seeking what is best and safe for his patients (whether this be new products or new techniques). Trust Dr Eduardo Sucupira, as I have got to know him over the years and I feel very confident in recommending him to my family and friends.

Claudia Graça Couto

A year ago, I saw a Dr Eduardo’s mini-facelift work on a friend of mine. The funny thing is that she arrived at the gym a month after the surgery and she said “I had plastic surgery”! As I am a super perfectionist, I was shocked by the result of the surgery: SUPER NATURAL. This friend od mine must have been around 47 years old and I am 50 years old. I had already considered having a mini-facelift when I first began to see the law of gravity acting (2 years previously). My face was no longer firm and both of my cheeks were sagging and this "bulldog" effect bothered me. However, fear of a plastic and artificial look made me invest in fillers and try to hide what truly bothered me (cheeks losing volume and falling). A year passed and I made the decision to make an appointment with Dr Eduardo. There were two long consultations and Dr Eduardo was a "Saint", with unique patience and unmatched professionalism leading me with confidence up until the day of surgery. During our conversation before surgery, I was very clear to explain to Dr. Eduardo that my only requirement was that only I knew that I had surgery (I wanted a very natural result). Two months after surgery, I went several parties and no one noticed. At the gym, another friend of mine asked if I had done some kind of treatment on my skin as I looked beautiful. That was my goal, to be radiant but totally natural. Again, thank you Eduardo!

Gabriela Correa Coutinho

I believe God puts people in our lives for a reason. I never thought I would meet people as special as you and your entire team. As I have said before, my result was wonderful and beyond my expectations. Therefore, I am compelled to write this and let everyone know how well I was treated cared for by you and your team. I would like to thank you for all your dedication, care and attention. I also would like to give special thanks to Carla Arruda for her dedication and for becoming a special friend. Eduardo you are the best. I wish you much success and prosperity in your life. I am delighted with my new look and honestly my life will never be the same after Eduardo Sucupira!

Rosangela Bessa Susini Ribeiro

I met Dr. Eduardo Sucupira by chance, after passing through several other surgeons bam bam bam in the market, had a great in site and chose among others, just empathy for the position, competence and determination with which he performed. I was quite happy with the result obtained and today I can say that it made me a much more beautiful person and good about life. Dr. Eduardo Sucupira is for me more than a competent surgeon, I can now say it has become a great friend.

Margarida Ngundo Ngueve Baptista da Silva

Hi guys, I came from far (Angola) and it was as if he had fallen parachuted into her lap, say so even the neck of Dr Eduardo. Today's tightly closed eyes and the indicate heart, advise all who are not satisfied with you to seek. He changed my life. Today I have self esteem. After this abdominoplasty, I have new life! Thank Drº Eduardo and his entire team. God bless you.

Solange Galvão de Lemos Campos

Good afternoon. Dr. Eduardo, remember me? I was indicated by the nurse of the Pan-American. I Plastic ago 5 years. I loved it because I can not get another doctor. I abdomen with you and my sister who had breast. I am a business of Wagner's wife in which we indicated. Hugs and thank you, love!

Carla Machado Motta

Team Dr Eduardo Sucupira, I would like to thank and, more than that, as the record was well attended and cared for by all of the clinic. Starting with Vaneza which is a beautiful person, not only abroad (which is already a big business card) but beautiful in the care of direction to the other, the simplicity of sympathy and words but with the complexity of the look and attention .. .The Dr Jorge that each dressing or withdrawal of points showed concern at the feeling of nervousness or discomfort ... drains also greatly contributed to my recovery ... professional what !!! by Dr. Eduardo sucupira all respect and applause for the great professional who is ... How good I look in the mirror and see the results that will accentuating every day ... Get into a confident surgical center to be with the best professional area has not price ... Why all this is that I have indicated and will continue indicating the clinic for all the people I know ... Merit of you !!! a big kiss,

Daniele Pimentel de Albuquerque

Have chosen Dr. Eduardo to do my surgery was the best choice I ever made. At the first visit before you even talk to him already I had great references with his patients in the waiting room, and they were all super happy with the results. During the consultation I knew I would do my surgery with him. Dr. Eduardo is super professional, dedicated and gave me a lot of confidence. I was so confident in his professionalism that the day of surgery I was super calm and, thank God, Dr. Eduardo and his wonderful staff the surgery was a success. I'm super happy with the result. Scarring is perfect !!!

Isabel Viegas

I met Dr. Eduardo Sucupira when he was a student at 38 ° Enf. In the Santa Casa of Rio de Janeiro. I was lucky to be operated by him and we became friends. I knew he would have much success in his career, as was all patients with much care and attention despite often being tired from hours of surgery and I heard him say a certain time ". My first patient," and began to call a a always very attentive to all the patient asked. He really shines as a professional result of hard work and dedication. I noticed it since the day he introduced himself to me and said it would operate me. I thought at the time: "How wonderful that fell into his hands." Soon after I said I had done well to have fallen into the hands of the best doctor. I was happy for the whole house and very confident with the lipo I would do the next day. I slept like a rock until the day before surgery. After that my surgery I have sent many friends to operate with it. All loved it and many have turned to other procedures, including I went back and plan to come back more often and whenever I need.

Marcello Caldas

Men are like stars, some generate their own light while others reflect the brilliance they receive. "Jose Marti - Cuban - Poet." So I see Dr. Eduardo and his work. An extremely charismatic and competent man through his work transforms the lives of people causing them to look at themselves in the way that we are all in nature. Beautiful. The greatness does not consist in receiving honors, but in deserving them. "Aristotle - Greek - Philosopher." Thank you Dr Eduardo and his entire team. An exemplary job and exceeded my expectations and my wife. Congratulations!

Murilo Salge

I am a childhood friend of Dr. Eduardo, whom he affectionately called Dudu. I could not help here register my testimony to know him so well for so many years. Since childhood has always been a very responsible person, and very much dedicated in everything that is proposed, there being the result of such dedication, coupled with logical competence. As a friend I feel very happy to leave this testimony. Success did not come here by chance.

Ana Mara Garcia Fernandes

We were friends from college where Eduardo was called Dudu (as a nickname) as he was a thin and very kind person. Despite the years that have passed, I have a lot of respect for him. Professionally, I'm sure that he reached the top as he always positioned himself with great dedication to everything that he set his mind to. I'm very proud to know this person.

Moriti Silva

After so many great testimonials, what can I add about our Rio surgeon? He is extremely professional: competent, thorough, dedicated and reserved in terms of personality and character. He is also a good friend. After so many years I was fortunate to meet a wonderful person and today I consider him my best friend. As a fellow Botafoguense: fan of the Botafogo football team, Dudú, I am glad to know how loved you are. Your website is like you: refined and elegant. Congratulations!

Ana Paula do Rosário Kappius

Twenty days ago, a dream came true that initially seemed impossible. My dream was to have a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), but my fear was greater than my desire. This was until a person told me about Dr Eduardo Sucupira. I went to a consultation with him just out of curiosity. I found a very professional, calm and very serious surgeon. This gave me a surge of sudden courage. Within one month, I was in the hospital undergoing a tummy tuck procedure. It was a complete success. I am amazed! I can only say: Thank you, you are part of my story.

Carlos Henrique da Silva Cadinha

Talent is not the same as being a genius. Ordinary people can have talent in that they are equipped with the same mental abilities but they shine with something else, which is almost intangible. It is something more than achievement alone and that makes me admire Dr Eduardo both as a person and as a professional. Congratulations on your professionalism and your commitment to social causes. I am your fan.

Cleide Firminio de Almeida Nascimento

I decided suddenly to have surgery and to my surprise I found Dr Eduardo Sucupira. He is an exceptional professional, a real hidden gem. I appreciate the greatness of his heart and joy of his smile. Today I look in the mirror and I like what I see. My happiness is complete.

Denise Pereira dos Reis

Restoring a smile or repair damage caused by the weather can not be just a technical act. In addition to technical and scientific evidence the artistic flair and common sense is needed to establish proportions and create harmony. This is the great secret of a plastic surgeon. Congratulations to the entire team.

Maria C. Sucupira Montandon

Eduardo, you should be very proud of the person who is the doctor who made himself, pursuing an academic and professional career always focused on your highest dream and supported in hard work, study, discipline and dedication. This conscious attitude associated with his generosity and his natural talent for medicine made you a different professional, respected, an eminent surgeon, therefore, very reliable and very sought after. And I was lucky enough one day submit myself to their procedures and medical care, still reap huge physical and emotional advantage of this treatment! With this profile faithfully drawn, you enter the gallery of winners, those special doctors that lead patients with mastery and indulgence to overcome their fears and their illnesses and helps effectively in the task of better understanding their physical limitations and overcome them, valuing his human condition. His constant search for qualification, the adoption of outstanding procedures and devices the latest technological, his wonderful staff, especially Dr. Claudia Mink make this clinic a Centre of Excellence in plastic surgery already recognized beyond our borders. Congratulations, I'm extremely proud of you! God preserve so conscious, fair, kind, a citizen of example to be followed! And your site a delight to sail, light, elegant and full of relevant information. Then again congratulations!

Patricia Leite da Silva

Dear, I would like to include my new statement on the site. I have to place on record my affection and admiration. Dr. Eduardo made a wonderful job, with a result that left me very satisfied and happy. A great professional and also a good person. May the Lord guide you always for the best ways. Congratulations on being this great professional. Patricia Leite da Silva

Nara Ferreira Leal

When I decided to make the mammaplasty and abdominoplasty, I bother to look for a competent professional and it was what I found in Dr. Eduardo, who is also a polite, quiet and reliable person. Immediately I scored surgery and was a success beyond my expectations. Today, 21.01.2007, after a year, I can only thank him, who became a friend, and his wonderful staff.

Zeni Soares Peçanha

Thanks for all the dedication and I'm sure you did everything with love. You changed my life and today forward I know will be different, my self-esteem has improved a lot, I talk about you all day to all who observe me and praise me. I wish you always have plenty of light and is very happy. Kisses to you and all your staff that is wonderful.

Cristiane Aigner Torres

Dear team Clinica Dr. Eduardo Sucupira, I miss my time "madame" while on my afternoons there, being well cared for, taking tasty coffee and a tasty mentholated water ... now cakewalk over, but the memory of this good time NO! I remember with great affection of all the staff who looked after me since the day I arrived super awesome to do my surgery until my high query. I confess that I'm ashamed to take the picture "after" because I left 27% fat for current 14%. This result would not be as good with only my sacrifices to close the mouth and do gymnastics. Needed indeed the blessed hands of Dr. Sucupira and his team for the pit result ABOVE expected! I have tried to keep me in line with good nutrition and exercise but I have the certainty and security that if you ever need again undergo surgery, no doubt, Dr. Sucupira is who will be in charge! Big hug for everyone and more particularly still to Dr. Eduardo Sucpira, Dr. Hugo and my dear friend ISA. Miss you, Cristiane Aigner

Elizabeth Caetano da Silva

It is very difficult to write about a person like Dr. Eduardo Sucupira. Difficult is to try to summarize what we will talk. The first image we have of him is an immense smile, because that's how he gets on. No matter if you are tired, if the day was difficult or if the sky collapsed for some reason and that for those who are looking for help, it is essential because removes any sense of fear to undergo surgery. I went to search for a surgeon and found not only a professional, more sensitive person to our fears and doubts. Doubts???? I did not have any. Fear???? Distrust ???? Everything was on the outside of the door. I found a demanding teacher with his students, but at the same time friend and protector in the right measure. That's the professional side. And the human ??? Wow!!!! Enumerate is difficult, but anyone who has had the privilege of having a friend, you know very well that there are no words to describe such a special person. Friend??? Well, I guess I can call it that. Reasons abound me. Happy those who have had the opportunity to live with it for 5 minutes to be. And the team? Of course you can not stay out !! You guys are wonderful !!!!! I patient, turned admirer. For all I saw and everything ended up winning with a coexistence of so little time. I've always been suspicious, I've always been demanding. I went into the operating room without worrying or require, I think I felt more shame than fear, for I am ashamed of nature. I gave myself and let him do the best. And that's exactly what happened. I think if he had much choice, the result would not be so perfect. I'm back without a lot of questions, but now with the certainty that the result will be as wonderful as the first. Conquered friends who managed to keep to this day, I became vain, to rediscover the mirror, to spend hours thinking about what to wear. What ends up being a danger, for beyond the mirror, I have to worry about the clock (can not lose time !!!), with the hair, in combinations grow and accessories ... But that's another story, moreover , Wonderful! Between us, it was the first doctor who encouraged me not to stop cooking. Thing I love to do. Today, thank God I have put it in my way, my friend Suely to have it introduced me to Dr. Eduardo himself, for giving me a new chance and show me that in the world there are still true friends and people able to think with the heart. You always say I'm a figure, but put a keyboard within reach of my hands is a danger, it was not serious ??? Dr Eduardo, thank you for everything, for taking such good care of my two friends, who are very important in my life. May God enlighten every day.

Lydia Dana Hejda Garcia

Today, in the world so crazy we live, it is difficult to find anyone with many qualities. You, Dr. Sucupira is a professional who can take care of the details that make all the difference! Love your work, I trust you! Surely you make us see that the best is yet to come.

Maria Cláudia de Almeida Aguiar

I liked your site and photos. I would like to congratulate you and your entire team. You are people sent by God to make us happy. I really enjoyed all the results I have seen, I loved mine and soon plan to do other procedures. May God bless and keep lighting up all his steps.

Miriam Esteves de Abreu

I know there is a cordiality among doctors. I think this pretty much by the class, but I was hopeless when indicated me dr. Eduardo Sucupira. I know doctors make mistakes, and you said to me something I could not pass: "He told me he probably had frustrated patients just as I was." At the time said nothing, but he could not stop talking. "Frustration occurs only when not repaired." And I'm sure that even if a patient was his unsatisfied Mr. would care that it did not come out well from his office. Listen to a professional "for what it was was very good" when referred to my surgery I did have me sure that some professionals are only concerned about money and not about the welfare of their patients. So Dr. Eduardo would like to thank you for being this doctor so careful and zealous with their patients, now I am happy and I am happy to look myself in the mirror again. Thanks for everything, I have my self-esteem.

Cláudia Herszenhaut Tauil Matias

My brief report is not intended to give his blessing to Dr. Eduardo Sucupira and his talent but to thank him for being. Because to speak of this angel doctor and his divine talent would have to ask permission to "face up there." Well, I wanted to talk a bit of a dream of a woman who for years and years was cherished by plastic surgery: abdominoplasty and reduction mammaplasty. This woman is me, Claudia Herszenhaut, and my dream was to feel good, beautiful and delicious to myself, looking in the mirror and admire myself. For various reasons, whether financial, priorities, obstacles left our dreams aside, but always with a glimmer of hope that one day we will realize them. 2007 it was a very special year for me! On the day I entered Dr. Eduardo's office, even before the first visit, I felt a confidence, an impressive affinity that I was sure to have found my doctor guy who waited for years. You must be curious to know if the realized this dream. Yes, day 28 .Novembro realized AFTER NINE DAYS, my first visit. Today, 21 .dezembro, 23 postsurgery days more results than positive are visible even in full recovery. Dr.Eduardo Sucupira, thank you for you exist and have crossed my path, believing in me as I believed in you! As I often tell you: Get rid of me will not be easy not, or rather say it will be humanly impossible. God always light your way. Kisses huge heart.

Érica Costa Gall

Dr. Sucupira is an excellent doctor, very competent, a sensitive sculptor of bodies and desires, recovery of dreams and self-esteem. However, this spectacular doctor can overflow the boundaries of his craft, becomes a friend. Longing others to have the great privilege to meet you because you are a wonderful, unique, intelligent person who has a sense of incomparable humor, as well as humble. I wish from the bottom of my heart to you and your team all the best. Thank you very much! The increase mastoplasty surgery changed the trajectory of my life, through it I feel like a full woman, I relearned what it feels like love itself. If in the future I need a new intervention, I have no doubt, you are my chosen because it is the best!

Lucilene de Oliveira Lopes Tarouquella Rodrigues

I must express the gratitude and recognition of the quality of the surgeries that I submitted under their responsibility. The ultimate satisfaction would be achieved were not his artistic sense and professional capacity. In July 2003 did a reconstruction of the breast complemented with prosthesis. The result of high aesthetic beauty, but my approval, admiration is why all the friends who proudly like to display. Overjoyed, I decided to make a "tummy tuck" in 10 July 2006 the result, in all respects, the previous was matched. I appreciate your advice as to the best result. I am grateful to all its staff (assistants, psychologist, instrumentation technician and nurse) whose affection and attention, let me completely confident. God is always present in its procedures. I'm sure that my happiness will be a constant for all patients and all of his staff. My eternal gratitude.

Maria Dilcineia Vasconcelos Avelino

My friend Vivian pointed me Dr. Eduardo. I know you and ready, I lost my fear of lipo and decided at the same time do. I was so good that several friends have followed me. I'm coming to do the lifting. The care and attention that he and his team (Carla) give us is indescribable.

Sophia Lima

I arrived from Washington, DC to Rio, Brazil seeking to plastic surgeron for rhinoplasty. I had heard such good reviews and saw great work from Dr Sucupira. As soon as I stepped in the office I was in love! Great atmosphere and excellent staff! Especially Hugo, Gabriel and Jorge They are super helpful and make you feel comfortable. I couldnt ask for more. The results cam in October exactly as I hoped for! I highly recommend Sucupira!

Valdirene Dionisio Ribeiro

I have 32 years, and there are 11 years dreamed of making a plastic surgery. After I had my two daughters, my breast was even more horrible. I was very scared to do the surgery, until a friend referred me to Dr. Eduardo Sucupira °. And I make an appointment. On the same day I decided to do the surgery because of the wonderful service by the Dr Eduardo ° staff that make me feel confident and secure. I had the surgery in March 2006, the surgery was a success. My breast was wonderful totally up my self-esteem. Today I look in the mirror and think I'm beautiful, returning to feel with 18 years old. Today I am a very happy person. Dr ° Eduardo plus an excellent doctor is an angel too, for me very calm and confident of what I wanted to do, pity I can not show the photos of before and after, but I assure you that was very perfect, very Perfect.