Situated in the district of Barra da Tijuca in Rio de Janeiro, the clinic is located in the Centro Empresarial Mario Henrique Simonsen. The clinic measures approximately 130 square metres and is made up of the following specialties:

- Vascular surgery

- Dermatology

- Physiotherapy (Lymphatic drainage, endermology and ultrasound)

- Nutrition

- Facial and body aesthetics

- Acupuncture

- Shiatsu

- Spray tan

- Semi-permanent make-up (eyebrows, lips and areolas)

- Laser hair removal

The medical space is open on Mondays and Fridays from 9am-8pm and on Saturdays at different times.

HOW TO GET THERE: The business center Mario Henrique Simonsen is located about 25 minutes from Tom Jobim International Airport , following the Yellow Line. It is situated on the Avenida as Américas road, Number 3434.


The surgeries are performed at the Clínica Perinatal Barra or Day Hospital - Barrashopping. Modern, safe facilities and the comfort of a welcoming environment for your surgery. If you would like more information about the hospitals, visit their website.